G.C. Murphy Co.® Foundation

The Spirit of Service ... since 1952


Trademarks and Intellectual Property

"G.C. Murphy Co."® and "Murphy's Mart"® are trademarks of the G.C. Murphy Co.® Foundation for charitable services.

The Foundation also maintains a large file of original photos and advertising artwork from the company's 1906 to 1989 existence.

From time to time, the Foundation makes the Murphy trademarks and artwork available for licensing on shirts, exhibits and other good causes which further the work of the G.C. Murphy Co.® Foundation by celebrating the heritage of the G.C. Murphy Co.® and its employees.

For information about licensing the trademarks "G.C. Murphy Co."® and "Murphy's Mart"®, email:

Jason Togyer
Vice President
G.C. Murphy Co.® Foundation